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We are starting to share Host Leadership Hints – things that you can do, use and learn to help you build your leadership ability. These are ideas which can be used in all kinds of situations, from large organisations to smaller teams to entrepreneur networks to simply wanting to host yourself into a better life. Use the box on the right to subscribe – then you can Take The Hint from your inbox every time a new one appears.

Hint #10: Choosing – and using – your boundaries make ‘difficult’ decisions easier

Hint #9: Take time In The Kitchen

Hint #8: Using ‘Convening power’

Hint #7: Step back to move forwards

Hint #6: The power of a positive No

Hint #5: Step into, and out of, the six roles of a host leader

Hint #4: Listen out! What is your organisation calling for?

Hint #3: Welcome people at the threshold, even in online meetings

Hint #2: Be an Initiator and make the first move

Hint #1: Creating the space in online meetings