Leader as Host – “a beautiful way to show up”

“When I show up in the role of a host leader, beautiful things happen.”  I was talking with my TLC colleague Robert MacPhee about the idea of Leader as Host recently, and he said just that – so I had to find out more.  Robert works with top US success coach Jack Canfield, leading the volunteer groups who staff Jack’s programmes.  He says:

“One of the things I love about the Host Leadership model is it encapsulates the way I do that role – as if I was the host.  It holds true in many ways – make people feel welcome, make the purpose clear, get clear for them to do what they do.”

We discussed how the host leader is very careful in their use of power and the position.  Robert noticed very quickly that it’s easy to snuff out interesting new ideas and stifle creative interactions by going too fast, or by taking too firm a lead.

“I don’t need to know it all, but if I show up as the host, there is a sense of allowing that goes along with that.  There is always a lot to be sorted out and in some sense it all goes in the direction it wants to go.  I have a role in that, but as soon as it gets to ‘Let’s all play this game’, try to take too much position power, and I get my conversation interrupted.   The magic has shown up when I shut up!”

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