Time for a new, inspiring and practical look at leadership… Dr Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey speak about leading as a hostHosts: Mark McKergow Ph.D. & Helen Bailey

The key role of the host – someone who receives and entertains guests – is deeply embedded in human society worldwide. The metaphor of leader as host offers a view on leadership that is at once rooted in millennia of practice and at the same time something new and timely.

Host authors Dr Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey have jointly spent over a decade researching ideas around leading as a host.  The resulting innovative ideas promote engagement, influence, flexibility and awareness for leaders and their teams.

“Your ideas resonated with me, and it was great to hear someone present in such a lucid manner, A brilliant experience!”  Jag Sidhu, Singapore

Their lively and engaging platform style will lead your audience to ideas and actions which can be applied right away.  Leading as a host is particularly relevant in the following types of situations:Host - Six New Roles of Engagement by Mark McKergow Ph.D. & Helen Bailey

  • People are trying to be heroes all the time – and getting burned out
  • Greater use of ‘soft power’, influence and engagement is needed
  • Leaders who want to develop greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness
  • A greater focus on results through people – team members, customers and others
  • Developing and enhancing a humane – and human – leadership style

Mark_2017_2b“Mark McKergow gave an fantastic speech about Host Leadership to our volunteer leaders at the Roskilde Festival. Mark is a leader in his field, and he is an extremely passionate and inspiring teacher and facilitator. We recommend him very highly to inspire your organisation”. Henrik Rasmussen CEO and Hans Christian Nielsen Head of HR and Administration, Roskilde Festival (the largest music festival in Northern Europe)

We offers several keynote topics – which is right for you?

  • Host as Leader, Leader as Host: A new yet timeless art for building engagement in teams, organisations and communities
  • Step back!  Developing your sense of when to act – and when to observe as a host leader
  • An invitation to success:  Hosting your team, work and life for better relationships and results
  • A User’s Guide to the Future:  How to use the near, middle and far future in different ways to develop effective action today.

We can also offer tailored speeches for any size of audience, with the possibility of extending into further working groups or syndicates later in the day.

Thank you for an excellent speech… The event was a resounding success; the evaluation forms showed some of the highest scores we have had. The refreshing approach you show to your subject is catching – enthusiasm is infectious! Also your professionalism towards the event made my life as chair so much easier, thank you.” David Spreadborough, South West Region, Association of MBAs.

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