Host Leadership book preview now available for community members

Preview book coverI am thrilled to say that after a lot of work at the end of last year and in January, we have a preview of the host leadership book.  It’s called Host Leadership: The new rules ROLES of engagement, and it’s available just for community members right now on our downloads page:

If you’re not yet a community member, you can sign up free in the box on the right hand side of the screen.  This also lets you access more of Mark and Helen’s writing and articles on the topic of host leadership.

The preview features a cover design, our latest position of Host Leadership and a taste of the kind of thing we’re working on for the finished book – a mix of big ideas, untold and new stories, and practical activities.  Let us know what you think!

We are aiming to have the final book out in May 2014.  We will be loading draft chapters here very soon, so you can get the first looks and offer feedback and ideas.

3 thoughts on “Host Leadership book preview now available for community members

  1. Colin Coombs

    I really like the introductory chapter – it sets the scene extremely well and clearly puts the need for a different type of leadership in context. I think the ‘stepping forward and back’ is a nice metaphor and the emphasis on invitation and choice is especially telling. I’m currently reading Kouzes and Posner’s ‘The Leadership Challenge’ and it struck me that a lot of what they found in their research and led to their ‘five practicers of leadership’ connect well to the concept of leader as host. For example ‘enable others to act’ and ‘encourage the heart’ seem like host activities to me. Looking forward to reading more!

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