Hospitality Leadership in Hebron schools – new research

A new research paper shows how Host Leadership is having an impact around the world. The paper is Hospitality Leadership Indicators among Public School Principals in Hebron Governorate Indicators and Obstacles (A Qualitative Study), by Reem Muhammad Anati and Nabil J Jondi in the Journal of Education College Wasit University. The abstract reads:

The study aimed to detect the indicators of hospitality leadership among the principals of public schools in Hebron governorate indicators and obstacles (qualitative study), and in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the qualitative approach was used in collecting and analyzing qualitative data according to the rooted theory Grounded Theory, which is consistent with the research questions and objectives, and accordingly a card was developed for the semi-organized interview to collect data, where the study was applied to (10) principals in public schools in Hebron governorate, and the study resulted in a set of The results are that hospitality leadership has six traits that appeared through the answers of the participants, influencing others, building trust, care, material and moral support, effective communication, and building positive relationships, so the practice of managers for leadership style based on the attributes was high, and the study showed that there are some obstacles faced by managers, including administrative and material obstacles, technical obstacles and personal obstacles, and the study recommended the importance of enhancing hospitality leadership behavior, to reduce these obstacles and raise their level among public school principals.

The paper ciites our Host book as well as two other papers including the original Host Leadership: Towards a new yet ancient metaphor paper from 2009 and How To Be A Host Leader from 2015.

Very excitingly the authors have been looking at how our six roles of a host leader show up in their actual school leadership practice. They write:

The study showed a bundle of results that confirmed the host leadership six roles through participants’ answers. The six roles appear as leaders’competencies, including building positive relationships, providing support, providing care, influencer, effective communicator, and building self-esteem.

You can see the whole paper (abstract in English, text in Arabic) at

The DOI reference is

With current developments in Palestine, it’s very refreshing and optimistic to see host leadership being a useful idea in these contested places.


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