Hospitality in Three Movements – wonderful article by Simon Walker

Simon Walker of the Leadership Community, author the Undefended Leader trilogy, participated in our first beta-test workshop in London in the Autumn.  He was very struck by the many levels of what we were presenting, the new ‘roles for a host leader’, particularly the ‘step fowards – step back’ element, and has written a piece connecting this idea to his own work about other dimensions of the ‘stepping’ process – the weight of the step (heavy or light), and whether to move or stay still.  The piece is below and attached as a pdf – wonderfully thought provoking in so many ways, please read it and comment here!  Simon is a member of our community here, and I am sure he will be joining in the discussion.

The article starts:

“Accepting an invitation is always a risk. When Ingrid accepted Mark’s invitation to participate in a witnessed activity during the workshop, she was taking a risk. As he began to play his clarinet to her, how she should respond was left undefined; was there a response that Mark wanted? Did he have a plan in mind? Was Ingrid meant to do something to the music? Watching, we sensed the uncertainty, the hesitancy of the guest.

The host continued to offer his music; hosting takes courage, the risk of looking silly, of misjudging the willingness of the guest to join in. The guest slowly took courage from his boldness, finding her feet, gently moving in time with the music. Slowly, tentatively, a dance began to take place; the host and his guest stepping forward and back, circulating, steps that were increasingly light and deft. The rhythm was found; something was happening between the two…”

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