Gathering 2022

The Host Leadership Gathering 2022 will be held on Thursday-Friday 26-27 May 2022.  This will be an online event hosted by our colleagues at Connexxo in Milan.  We had hoped to offer the chance for participants to join in person in Milan, but a combination of technical and Covid issues make it impossible this time.  However, it means that you can easily join us from anywhere in the world!

The theme of the 2022 Gathering is Building A Host Leadership Practitioner Circle.  So if you are already keen on using Host Leadership (whether as a leader, a consultant, a coach or a manager), or if you like the sound of leading as a host and want to know more, this is the place to be.

The programme is excellent. There are 12 workshops to choose from, each hosted by people who have been using Host Leadership for some time. The hosts come from a range of fields including health, education, coaching, organisational change, agile and other approaches where bringing people together in a good way (and getting the best out of everyone) is more important than imposing hard power and constraints.

There will also be an opening keynote session from Host author Dr Mark McKergow, and an open space hosted by Pierluigi Pugliese. So you can bring your own ideas, topics, experiences and challenges and work on them with host leaders from around the world.

It’s just €99 to register, and this gets you exclusive access to recordings from all the sessions afterwards as well as the chance to hang out, work with and build connections with some of the leading Host Leadership folk from around the world. Click here for full programme details and to register.