Host - Six New Roles of Engagement by Mark McKergow Ph.D. & Helen Bailey

Six new rules roles of engagement for teams, organizations, communities and movements

The new book from Dr Mark McKergow and Helen Bailey

Publication 2014
Solutions Books, London
224 pages paperback, £11.99, $16, also on Kindle
ISBN 978-0954974985

“A genuinely new view of leadership – practical and profound.” Jack Canfield

“A great mix of research, philosophy, stories and insight into what real leadership is about.” Mike Brent, Ashridge Business School

Great engagement is the key to truly successful leadership, and the secret to moving forward is knowing when to step back… It is no longer about being the hero, the one who has to make everything happen. There is another way: be the host. This book reveals why Host Leadership is set to become a pioneering concept in 21st century management. You will discover how to:

  • Understand how to apply hosting strategies in your organization to achieve greater agility, flexibility and responsiveness
  • Become a leader with a highly tuned sense of relationship building and engagement
  • Learn how to step into and out of the six NEW roles of engagement
  • Adopt the four positions for a Host Leader

“A great addition to the world of leadership ideas and thoroughly recommended.” Ralph Lewis, Chair Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership (UK)

“Being a great host helps you to be a great networker. This practical book will help you build relationships and engagement both inside and outside your organization.” Dr Ivan Misner, founder, BNI

Foreign language editions

BulgarianГостоприемно лидерство, published by Istok-Zapad, 2017, ISBN 978-619-01-0105-5

Danish: Lederen som vært, published by VorandringsAkademiert, 2020, ISBN 978-8799994007

Contact us for discussions on how to obtain rights for other foreign language editions.

Foreword by Stephen Josephs, co-author of Leadership Agility

Part 1 A new look at leadership

1. Time for a new look at leadership

2. Hosting: a new yet ancient metaphor

3. What do hosts do?

4. A User’s Guide to the Future

5. Four positions for a Host Leader

Part 2 The six roles of engagement

6. Initiator

7. Inviter

8. Space-creator

9. Gatekeeper

10. Connector

11. Co-participator

12. Using the six roles and four positions

13. Open your heart, then open the door

“Very few books can connect with people from all corners of the globe: anywhere there are people there can be good hosts building great engagement and connection. In a list of absolute must-read books on leadership, this book should be at the top.” Verónica de Andrés, author of Total Confidence (Argentina)

“These easy-to-apply principles will last you a lifetime.” Phillip Newman-Hall, Director, Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, UK