In the media

Host Leadership is in the media.  Coverage of the paradigm of leader-as-host online, in print and on the air. (Most recent first.)

The User’s Guide To The Future as a coaching tool – new SFiO webinar video with Mark McKergow and Peter Roehrig, including a practical demonstration

Q&A and review of the Host Leadership Field Book from InfoQ

Lush Learning: Host Leadership.  Mark McKergow discussed new leadership, jazz and freedom with Andrew Paine from international fruity soap giant Lush.

Meeting the Stranger: Being a good host for Jakobsweg travellers.  Mark helps would-be hosts connect the six roles of host leadership into practical ideas.

Hero to Host: Developing police leadership in the 21st century is now in the Library of Professional Coaching

Host leadership for school principals – ‘Getting the balance right’ by NIck Burnett and Jason Pascoe is published by Principia magazine in Australia.

Peace and Collaborative Development Network, Georgetown University – Samuel Mahaffy’s essay on ‘The Co-Construction of “the Enemy”‘ references Host leadership ideas explicitly as an important element of making progress

Police Oracle – handling honour-based violence, a new approach–honour-based–violence–a-new-approach-_90432.html

Bdaily – police urged to adopt ‘Host’ approach to leadership

Coaching At Work magazine – how to develop more productive engaged employees

Fresh Business Thinking – leading as a host to maximise the success of your team

From Hero to Host – new leadership thinking in Police magazine (UK)

Mark podcasts with Robbe Richman from Culture Hackers: Robbe says “This is the most compelling leadership philosophy I’ve heard. It completely aligns withe culture of the network age.” Hear the whole thing at

Agile software leadership – Pierluigi Pugliese thinks that host leadership is a better fit than servant leadership

Host book is a finalist in two book awards! –

The six essential roles of engagement for leaders in 2015 –

It’s more than just numbers – supporting women in the workplace, HR Review –

Library of Professional Coaching – looking to the future

Information Age – keeping female talent

Huffington Post – A new paradigm for leadership

New! Book review by Julie Couchman-Boor of Tearfund (pdf)

New! ICF blog – Becoming a host leader

Mark interviewed by Alysha Wood on Croydon Radio (very nice interview with a clued-up presenter – well worth a listen; mp3 download)

Engage for Success website –

International Business Times – why leadership is no longer about being the hero

‘Host, not hero’ is one of American Express’s five key traits for tomorrow’s business leaders

HR Review: Six new roles of engagement

Build relationships fast: Five ways to think like a connector – Sales Initiative

HRZone – What is host leadership?

Talent Management – support women in the workplace by leading as a host

Cutting Edge Consciousness – Mark is the guest on Freeman Michaels and Barnet Bain’s popular show

Leading Conversations – Mark talks to Cheryl Esposito about flexibility in 21st century leadership and leading as a host

Sunday Assembly podcast – Mark talks with Sanderson Jones, Pippa Evans and Cameron Reilly about how leading as a host is a key skill in building 21st century communities