A new host leadership tool – Opt In Meetings

op in meeting logo onlyWe have just released our first Host Leadership tool – Opt In Meetings.  This is a simple format/set of rules to make your meetings more engaging, energizing and effective – throw a meeting as a host, and invite folks along!

Check out the details at and give it a try!  We’d love to hear from you.  Please leave comments on this format below – it will be evolving with your help.

2 thoughts on “A new host leadership tool – Opt In Meetings

  1. Lynoure Braakman

    It would be cool to have the description of opt-in-meetings translated into very many languages. I can definitely help with Finnish, if needed! I love the idea, but as I work with Finns and Germans, pointing them to an English web page about the idea helps only partially

    1. Mark Post author

      Hi Lynoure, thanks for getting in touch! This is a great idea to make Opt In Meetings available in other languages. I will be in touch with you to see what we can do.

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