We are beginning to run online events which will be accessible world wide. Many of these events will be run by members of the Host Leadership Stewards community, who themselves use and teach about Host Leadership.

Wednesday 13 May 2020, 6pm UK (19.00 CEST): Online Host Leadership workshop with Pierluigi Pugliese. FREE. 90 minutes. Click here for more details and to register.

A short introductory workshop which will especially appeal to newcomers to Host Leadership. Host Leadership is “just” a metaphor for leadership, but a metaphor that is well ingrained in our human nature and can, therefore, be naturally translated into actions – an example of how transformative tools do not need to be complex to be effective.

In this event you will learn the basics and understand why and how Host Leadership could be relevant for your personal development and serve as a way to install leadership skills in your organisation.

Key content of the workshop:

  • the Host Leadership metaphor
  • Host Leadership as a more useful metaphor compared to, for example, Servant Leadership
  • a very natural metaphor
  • stepping forward and back: the basic skill of the Host Leader
  • the Host Leadership roles of engagement
  • becoming a Host Leader: something for you to try…

To register, click here. It’s FREE.

We plan to hold similar workshops every couple of months, alternating them with online meet-ups to discuss and learn about particular aspects of leading as a host. More news soon!