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The art of asking – invitation in the music industry

I’ve just been sent this TED talk by Amanda Palmer about the ‘Art of Asking’. Palmer is a musician and performer, was dropped by her label despite some early success and turned to crowd-funding (specifically Kickstarter) to raise money. By inviting her supporters to join her at gigs, even come on stage for a few numbers, she has grown a community of 25,000 people and raised $1.2 million (even though she only asked for $100,000) – the biggest Kickstarter yet. Continue reading

Leadership metaphors from the World Open Space

wosonos2012A few weeks ago I joined in with the World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) 2012 here in London.  People came from all over the world to Stoke Newington Town Hall in North London for three days of Open Space activity – about using Open Space.  Open Space originator Harrison Owen was there, and it was excellent to meet him again over 15 years since I first came across him and Open Space. Continue reading

Hosting the world – the inside secrets from London 2012

2012 has been a wonderful year to be living in London.   On July 27 the Olympics turned overnight from an expensive charade into a fantastic, community-building festival with the whole world arriving to join in.  I remember seeing my first London 2012 volunteer on the Tube that day, and thinking “Smart uniform – but I wonder what they do..?”.  Well, it all became clear as over the following fortnight the Games Makers – all 70,000 of them – made the biggest impact on the Games, the visitors and the spirit of the occasion. Continue reading

Leadership and Hosting: Mosimann’s event report

Around 30 people gathered yesterday at the exclusive Mosimann’s dining club in the heart of London’s Belgravia for a ground-breaking event.  Firstly, this was the inaugral Leaders@Mosimanns dinner, hosted by Elaine Mosimann as a way of connecting her twin passions of leadership development and fine dining.  In addition, it was the first event in the UK to centre on the new leadership paradigm of ‘Leader as Host, Host as Leader’.  Continue reading

Leadership and Hosting evening – Mosimann’s club, London, Wed 7 March 2012

The act of hosting – inviting, offering, sharing – is as ancient as humanity itself,  crossing cultural, geographical and historical divides. In this time of financial crisis and global uncertainty, what can leaders learn from hosting?

Leadership expert Dr Mark McKergow will show you how this new paradigm of “leader as host” unlocks valuable insights and practical steps for engaging people, building relationships and delighting customers – particularly in challenging times.   Continue reading

NEW! Host Leadership and Transactional Analysis paper

The website now has a new feature – a Resources page at  I am very grateful to Phil Aspden for sending me his paper on Host Leadership from a transactional analysis perspective.  His paper, from the IDTA Journal, can now be downloaded from the site at  Responses and further submissions/resources/links would be very welcome indeed.

New Linkedin group for Host Leadership

Linkedin logoI have started a Linkedin group on the topic of Host Leadership –  Please go and join now – it’s public and free, and will serve as a place for information and discussion about the metaphor of host as leader and leader as host.  There are already over 10 members and we’ve been open less than a day!  An encouraging number of people are downloading the paper – do it now at